Responsive. Multi-weight. Production ready. Get all Iconic's webfonts for only $39.



An icon's primary job is to be clear and intelligible. Each icon is designed with that as the highest priority.


Each icon weight is designed to a specific grid system—which in turn creates a consistent aesthetic.


The fonts come with ready-to-use stylesheets in CSS, SCSS, LESS and Stylus formats.



Our icons are designed in three sizes for specific size ranges to adapt to screen and display sizes.


Increase or decrease the fidelity of an icon simply by changing font weight. Easy peasy.

Framework ready

Like Foundation and Bootstrap? Iconic ships with Foundation and Bootstrap ready stylesheets.

Icon FontIcon Countbytes/glyph
Icomoon  free edition451265.2
Typicons  2.0.6336178.2
Symbolset  standard172172.4
FontAwesome  4.2.0479136.6
Iconic  large weight624122.7
Glyphicons  halflings200119.6
Foundation Icons  1.0283113.1
ionicons  1.5.2525109.1
Entypo  2.023892.1
Iconic  medium weight62484.8
Iconic  small weight62458.4


File Size

Fonts can get really big. Iconic jams a ton of icons into a very small package. Best of both worlds.

One request

You get an entire weight of Iconic in one small font file. Less requests = yay!

Highly optimized

There's nothing close to Iconic when it comes to efficiency. Our font's file size to glyph ratio is miniscule.