Try Iconic for free

Use these two rock-solid smart SVG icons in your projects.
Why not do the same with our full system?


Set arrowhead and direction without changing the icon.


Drop an image into device icons with data-screenshot.

Iconic comes with a lot—and so does our free version. Here's a full breakdown of what you'll find in the download:

  • svg/smart/
    This folder contains the icons with all the cool features we talk about on our tour. These should be your go-to icons.
  • svg/static/
    Iconic's static icons are style-able, without the responsiveness or smartness, which makes each of them smaller in file size. If you're just into styling and theming
  • svg/flat/
    These are your basic, everyday SVGs. They are stripped down to the bone and don't contain any of the magic found in the smart or static icons. That makes them much more compatible with your favorite design application like Photoshop, Sketch or Illustrator.
  • js/
    This is where you'll find iconic.js, our script making all the cool things within Iconic possible. iconic.js is tiny (2.8k min/gzipped) and packs a big punch.
  • themes/
    Two pre-made icon themes along with a theme starter kit to help you make your own.
  • font/
    All of Iconic's icons in an easy-to-use icon font. The icons are broken up across three fonts by their size (small icons are in iconic-sm, medium icons are in iconic-md, large icons in iconic-lg). The fonts also come with ready-to-use stylesheets in CSS, SCSS, LESS and Stylus formats.
  • png/
    Both icons in all sizes in PNG format (standard and retina display densities).
  • webp/
    Both icons in all sizes in WebP format (standard and retina display densities).