Frequently asked questions

License Information
  • What is included with my license?

    To better understand what is included with Iconic, explore the overview or review the feature index.

  • Can I transfer my license?

    You sure can! Just email us with your license information and where you'd like it to go.

  • What can I do with my license?

    Pretty much anything you want. Take a look at the license for more details.

  • Should my client also buy a copy?

    If you plan to use Iconic for a client's website or project, we'd kindly ask that a license is purchased specifically for them.

  • What do I get with the Webfont license?

    Quite a lot. You get three different webfonts (one for each size) in EOT, OTF, TTF, WOFF and SVG-font formats. You also get a general-use stylesheet in CSS, LESS, SASS and Stylus formats along with Foundation and Bootstrap specific stylesheets.

  • Can I upgrade from the Webfont license later?

    Of course! Head on over to the purchase page and select the "Upgrade" option that will appear if you have a Webfont license.

  • I'm a Kickstarter backer, what license will I receive?

    Thank you! You made this project possible. All Kickstarter backers that pledged $35 and above received an Unlimited (now called "Everything") license.

Account Information
  • Why do I need an account?

    All sorts of reasons. By having an account you'll be able to access the latest product updates, manage your license(s) and participate in our community forums.

  • Help, I've forgotten my password.

    Never fear! Let's go ahead and reset your password.

  • How do I close my account?

    We're sorry to see you go. :( Drop us a line and we'll close your account immediately.


Version 1.9.0   06/24/15
  • Added Dribble and Flickr to the Social icon.
  • Added Barcode, Copyleft, Copyright, DNA, Lightbulb, Alt On, Lightbulb, Alt Off, Open Hardware, Pill, Star - Empty.
  • Updated iconic.js to v0.4.3, which is now using SVGInjector v1.1.3
    • Added support for re-enumerating element IDs for all the rest of the IRI references, including color-profile, cursor, filter, linearGradient, marker, pattern and radialGradient. SVGInjector already supported clipPath and mask, which are used by some Iconic icons.

      This extends our support for addressing the issue of having multiple instances of the same SVG on a page where only the first element with that id ends up being referenced. Browsers often shortcut the SVG Spec and ignore elements contained in parent elements that are hidden, so if you hide the first SVG instance on the page, then all other instances lose their references and don't render correctly.
Version 1.8.0   03/30/15
Version 1.7.0   10/28/14
Version 1.6.0   08/17/14
Version 1.5.0   07/29/14
Version 1.4.1   07/17/14
  • Fixed a regression with Image, Media, Person and Resize where no icon was displayed if a size class (iconic-sm, iconic-md or iconic-lg) wasn't set.
Version 1.4.0   07/01/14
Version 1.3.1   06/06/14
  • Fixed an issue with the EOT fonts that caused them to not work in IE8.
Version 1.3.0   05/06/14
  • Five new icons! Audio, Clipboard, Cogs, Game Controller and Header.
  • Fixed an issue in Image, Media, Person and Resize where no icon was displayed if a size class (iconic-sm, iconic-md or iconic-lg) wasn't set.
  • Fixed an issue with Media Skip where the height was being cropped if a size class (iconic-sm, iconic-md or iconic-lg) wasn't set.
  • Updated iconic.js to v0.3.4. Includes updated support for IE8 and PNG fallbacks. Thanks to Gabriel L. for the help and testing!
Version 1.2.0   04/07/14
Version 1.1.0   03/31/14
Version 1.0.2   03/19/14
  • Fixed a small subset of raster images which were distorted or flat out broken.
Version 1.0.1   03/06/14
  • All icons now come in WebP format (standard and retina display densities).
  • Removed 'raster' folder from download. Moved PNG and WebP folders to root.
  • Fixed 'accute' arrowhead typo in all arrow icons. This applies to the icons' classes, data-attributes, API hook parameters and 'data-glyph' values. Refer to the Arrow icon detail page for more info.
  • Added missing class on the block element for the small version of Bitcoin Block.
  • Added missing classes on transaction arrows for the medium version of Bitcoin Transaction.
  • Set the 'base' element order to the front for the medium and small versions of Lightbulb.
  • Added 'iconic-property-accent' class to the needle element of Compass. Removed from directional elements.
Version 1.0.0   03/04/14
  • Initial public release.
Version 0.9.0   03/03/14
  • Our full suite of smart icons and various design improvements throughout the system
  • Iconic's icon font with CSS, SCSS, LESS and Stylus stylesheets
  • Updated iconic.js to v0.3.2
  • A new theme called Bright
  • All icons in flattened SVG format
  • All icons in PNG format (standard and retina density)
Version 0.1.2   02/07/14
  • ~50 new icons including some new Smart Icons
Version 0.1.1   01/31/14
  • Updated preview release. Available for all Kickstarter backers ($35 pledge level and above).
  • ~40 new icons
  • New icon page style and features
  • Updated iconic.js to v0.2.3
Version 0.1.0   01/23/14
  • Initial preview beta release. Available for early-access Kickstarter backers ($50 pledge level and above).